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inspired TED talks!

November 4th, 2009


inspired TED talk sessions, I am sure that those who attended gleaned some useful insights from the talks we viewed.
During the conference we have been presented with tons of new ideas and challenges to our current way of doing things. Many of these ideas are re-iterated by the speakers featured in the TED talks. Some highlights include:

  • “who am I being if my children’s eyes are not shining” – Benjamin Zander
  • “Inventors of things will not be able to say what an innovation is for – it will be worked out in use in collaboration with users” – Charles Leadbeater
  • That Pirate Supplies, Superhero Store and Timetravel can be useful metaphors for engaging 1:1 tutorship between community and learners – Dave Eggers
  • “members of the former audience are now consumers and the producers” and “planning is now replaced by communication” – Clay Shirky.

Final thought: look out – here comes overybody! (play on Clay Shirky’s recent title!)
cheers, Hugh

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