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The script for the play

December 8th, 2009

Due to several requests, I am hereby posting the script for the play performed during Act III of the Shifting Thinking conference!
(You can view a video performance of the play here).

Here is the script:

As a  pdf file: Shiftingthinking-ACT-III-PLAY-Script-Original

As an editable word doc:  Shiftingthinking ACT III PLAY Script Editable.

The script is formatted in a “traditional” stagescript style, so don’t be surprised by the old-skool courier typography!

The script is licensed under creative commons, meaning you are free to modify, adapt, remix, etc. as long as you don’t use it for commercial purposes, and as long as you maintain the same licensing conditions (so others can share, add, remix, etc).

Creative Commons License
This is school: Or Changing the script by NZCER is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License.

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Conference play video

November 9th, 2009

[Flash video, 18 minutes length]

Rachel Bolstad wrote this play especially for the Shifting Thinking conference, and it was performed on the morning of the second day of the conference.
Rachel explains:

The inspiration for the play came from ongoing discussions amongst the conference organising team as we struggled with the complexities of imagining and choreographing a 21st century learning experience at the conference. Originally we thought of performing a play about our seemingly endless and often mind-twisting planning meetings – but later I took this idea in a new direction and was inspired to write a play-within-a-play featuring an imagined cast of players. The play is a metaphor for the conference, and for 21st century thinking in general. It shows the difficulties of trying to “direct and stage manage” something when everyone is taking an active role in trying to build ideas collectively and collaboratively – but it also shows that wonderful things are possible once we begin questioning our assumptions and start thinking together about how these could be different.”

The play was performed by a dedicated and talented group of NZCER staff.


The Director: Jenny Whatman
Teacher 1: Jim McNaughton
Teacher 2: Rachel Bolstad standing in for Georgina Stewart
Student 1: Nuku Stewart
Student 2: Rachael Kearns
Community educator: Diana Todd
Early childhood educator: Tina Foulkes
Tertiary educator: Alex Neill
Special effects: Josie Roberts

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WOW (The Play) – Act III of Shifting Thinking

November 4th, 2009

No liveblogs from me today until now – this was day 2 (Act III) of Shifting Thinking and I think I can unashamedly claim that it was AWESOME! (And we still have another hour and a half to go).

The day began for me at 6.55am with a phone call letting me know that one of my castmembers was unwell and hence I would have to play her role in the secret “surprise” opening to Act III – a short 15-minute play I’d written especially for the Shifting Thinking conference.

(The play, in case anyone is interested, is called “This is school: Or, Changing the Script”)

So picture this.

You are an audience member at the Shifting Thinking Conference. You arrive on time (as instructed) and file into the theatre. Onstage are four people, sitting on chairs, chatting quietly to one another, apparently oblivious to the incoming audience. You chat to the person next to you, until a message appears on the screen behind the stage: “Quiet please”

A hush comes over the crowd. And suddenly, a cellphone is ringing! A woman, in conversation on her phone, walks onstage. She is saying something about a dress rehearsal….. wait a minute! I think a play is about to unfold onstage!!

Changing the Script

Changing the Script

Click here to watch a video of the play!

This was how we began Day 2. Our 15 minute play attempted to encapsulate, with humour, some of the main tensions, challenges, quandaries, and opportunities that have threaded through the entire ST Conference. “Changing the Script” was play within a play. The main character, a director, attempts to stage a nice, simple play about school. Her actors have all come to rehearsal on time, they have their scripts in hand, but little does the director know that at today’ rehearsal, nothing is going to go as she has planned it.

The two actors playing the “teachers”, for example, don’t even seem to have read the script, and immediately they begin to suggest doing things differently (despite the director’s pleas to simply act their parts as they are written in the script).

As for the actors playing the “students”, well one of them has already figure out he’s supposed to be a so-called digital native, and he’s more interested in listening to podcasts than listening to the director. Meanwhile the other student has abandoned all interest in this silly little play – she is far more concerned with what she sees as the impending doom of environmental catastrophe. And to top it all off, people who aren’t even IN the script keep interrupting the rehearsal asking to be written into the play!

The poor director. She doesn’t know who wrote the script, but she is desperate to execute it exactly as it is written. How can she cope with all these questions and these highly uncompliant actors!

If you were at the Shifting Thinking conference, you’ll have seen what happens…

So I’m wondering, did this play make sense to you? Did it make you think?Do you think we ought to write a sequel for the next ST conference? (heheh if we ever dare stage such an ambitious conference again)

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