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    Oooh – good question. Because I’m an Admin I see an “edit” option on all comments, but your access level might not provide you with this option – even on your own comments (which seems a bit unfair!). I’ve had a quick squizz behind the scenes in WordPress and can’t see how to quickly remedy this – but I’ll ask Webaster DJ to look into it. Meanwhile, I’ve changed the time to Daylight Savings, we’ll probably have to manually change it back again when DST finishes in 2010 :)

  2. Ruth Fearnley
    | #2

    Thank you, works just like it should :-)

    I’ve been stumped again on replying to a thread – could the possibility of an edit button for one’s own posts be included so if something like a cut and paste fails it can be spotted and rectified without the need for a second post?


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    Hi Ruth – I think the trick is to click on the hash sign (#) at the end of the link to the latest comments/postings when you see them in the dashboard. That should take you directly to the comment. I will ask DJ Webmaster to see if he can bring us into daylight savings time!

  4. Ruth Fearnley
    | #4

    Hi (and thanks for setting this up so quickly Rachel).

    btw, the clock on the posts is still on wintertime ;-)

    I seem to be having a small oops with Dashboard (which I like as one can see the most recent posts) but when I click on the link to take me to that blog, all it does is reload the Dashboard page rather than redirecting to the blog/thread/post.

    (stumblin’ ’round)

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