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Time to let your creativity burst forth like the blowhole at Punakaiki! Photo (c) Rachel Bolstad 2008

Time to let your creativity burst forth like the blowhole at Punakaiki! Photo (c) Rachel Bolstad 2008

As I was walking to work today I was thinking about Twitter and Facebook, and how I’ve become so used to composing short “status” messages about what I’m doing or thinking that I sometimes find myself composing little updates in my head, even when I don’t necessarily bother to post these online. If I was a truly dedicated Twit (Twitterer?), of course I might send updates from my mobile phone directly to the web, but since I have to cross so many busy roads on my journey I figure it’s in my interests not to be texting while I walk…

Anyway, I was thinking about why it’s so satisfying to compose a good status update. It’s hard to explain to a non-Facebooker or Twitterer, but there is something that just feels sooo good about sharing a little snippet of information in a surprising, funny, or creative way – and the fact that status updates are so short means you have to choose your words judiciously. And this made me think of another short text form that I am also pretty keen on: The Haiku.

And so I am issuing: THE HAIKU CHALLENGE!

I hereby invite you all to compose your own haikus about what shifting to 21st century thinking about learning and education means to you. You might want to draw on any of the material you find on shiftingthinking.org as an inspiration! You can post as many haikus as you like (as long as they are on topic of course!).

My preferred haiku structure is the 17  syllable 5-7-5 form I learned at primary school, but I am open to variations.

Below I offer my humble first efforts

Shifting our thinking
A group of people blogging
Who else is out there?

What is schooling for?
One small question calls to us
We try to answer

Schools of the future?
Young Spock learns alone in pod
I hope that’s not us

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  1. | #1

    Shift down. Whiteboard face
    Stares blankly. Shift up. Now home
    Knowledging my space.

  2. | #2

    Why the universe? God Something Nothing? If nothing then nothing is really something. Is the something alive like us? Why not? We are alive.

  3. | #3

    Being uncertain
    And being OK with that
    Learning has begun

  4. | #4

    Education now
    Time to shift the paradigm
    learn to learn, for all

    Learn in different ways
    No more factory, no walls
    Real and fun, for all

  5. Barry
    | #5

    In backward design
    I’m lost – do I know where
    I might find myself

  6. Karen
    | #6

    Incessant rain falls
    Winter designs life learning
    Rivulets run to vision

  7. Josie
    | #7

    Community now
    Building for the future

    From a hedgehog approaching metamorphosis (see rachel’s posting )

  8. Rose
    | #8

    well now here’s my first ever Haiku, related to some thinking I have just done for the biology teachers’ conference in Dunedin:

    A complex curriculum
    Challenges reductionist thinking
    All kids can be “bright”

  9. | #9

    Curriculum sparks
    Connections fly! Children glimpse
    themselves, now and soon

  10. Kevin
    | #10

    Learning now on-line
    Amateur teachers part-time
    Adjunct adventures

  11. Graeme
    | #11

    Share with others now
    Learning what you want to learn
    Give back and feel good

  12. | #12

    Well, now we’re getting into zen koan: “What is the sound of one emoticon smiling?”

  13. SYLVIE
    | #13

    …..is :-) a syllable?

  14. SYLVIE
    | #14

    one muted mouth grins
    swift mind has already named
    think and it will be

  15. | #15

    Up before the dawn.
    What to keep and leave behind
    for the road ahead.

  16. Maurice
    | #16

    Kia ora Rachel
    re your comment about loosening structures

    2 haiku I wrote 5 years ago:

    for schooling as I saw it at the time:

    transmission mode ON
    asymmetric connection
    lost – bounded, muted

    and for what I hoped it could become:

    co-operative inquiry
    IP enabled

    (and please excuse the geek-speak: IP stands for Internet protocol)


  17. | #17

    Children; hands waving
    tell me about their learning
    and how they have grown

  18. | #18

    Other languages
    have words that mean “teach” AND “learn”
    maybe we need that

    Loosening structures
    Designing for emergence
    Harder than it sounds!

  19. | #19

    Transforming our schools
    How do we start the journey?
    Think big and start small?

    Schools for the future
    What do we need to give up?
    What needs retaining?

  20. | #20

    Everyone’s a critic, yeah? I’ve just been informed that apparently haiku aren’t supposed to have titles. I’m not sure that rule is from the International Handbook of Haiku-Writing or whether it’s just universally understood convention – but in any case, I offer this new learning to you, as you might be concerned about getting your form right when you contribute your own offerings.

    Meanwhile having already broken the rules, I am loathe to go back and mend my ways, so my incorrect constructions shall stand as they are :)

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