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Global and local participation

April 2nd, 2012

This entry point at the 2012 Shifting Thinking Workshop will explore ideas about what it means to “participate and contribute” as a 21st century learner/citizen. Ambitiously, I’d like to focus on this question in relation to both the present (e.g. how are learner-citizens participating and contributing within their schools, to their communities, and to the world right now?) and the future (e.g. how can learner-citizens be supported to develop the capacities they will need in order to participate and contribute throughout the rest of their lives in this constantly changing world?)

Just as The New Zealand Curriculum includes a vision of young people who are both “members of communities” and “international citizens”, our focus in this entry point encompasses all levels from the local to the global. We will aim to push your thinking about  what education can do to support learner-citizens to develop as full participants in, and contributors to, local and global contexts – and what “citizenship” means for the 21st century.

Global and local participation, Workshop 2012

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