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Shaping your experience with “entry points” – what are they?

March 22nd, 2012

If you’ve been checking in regularly to the Shifting Thinking 2012 Workshop page you’ll have seen us talk about 5 “entry points” into the workshop’s overarching theme of participating and contributing.

In the video below I talk about where these entry points came from, why they matters, and also what I hope that you (our participants) will bring with you as you “enter” into the Shifting Thinking space.

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    Perusing through our archives I found this clip of Jennifer Garvey Berger talking about our big-picture goals for the Shifting Thinking gatherings way back in 2009. I’m just thinking how lucky we are to have the chance to keep developing our ideas about how to bring people together to facilitate “shifting thinking” and shifting practice in education. Bring on the 2012 Workshop!

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