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Shifting Thinking workshop….shifts

July 18th, 2011

We had planned to hold a Shifting Thinking Workshop at the St James Theatre in Wellington on 25-26 August 2011. We have now decided to postpone it until 2012. We felt that we needed more time in order to make it the event we wanted it to be. We want to make Shifting Thinking very different from the more traditional educational conference and this is a complex task. We will hold a Shifting Thinking event in the first half of 2012 but have yet to set a date. We apologise to those of you who had already expressed interest in attending and we hope you will join us next year. We will keep you posted!

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  1. Psychology Student
    | #1

    I think there is a serious difference between marxism and global unity (not to say you are wrong) and I think it is important to make this distinction. Any form of socialism has as the backbone the arbitrary taxation for distribution from a central organization. Global unity could be described as the pursuit of a similar system, but by choice, and not centralized. De-centralized global unity would be a wonderful goal, as no one group would have power over another and the world would still be a safer, better place.

  2. | #2

    Thank you – actually you’ve just reminded me to let everyone know where they can find our community guidelines

  3. Boudicca Jones
    | #3

    Hi Rachel,

    This site states it is apolitical, yet the underlying philosophy is postmodernist with the further stated aim of deconstructing the nation state in favour of a global one-world approach. Given that this goal is culturally marxist why do you believe that you need to fly under the radar? Why are you not proud to fly your red (or is it green these days) flag? Do you feel that your post-democratic left/matriachal-misandrist allies and beta-male allies are not up to the ideological play (given this philosophy has been destroyed intellectually)? Is it a methodology employed to avoid cognitive dissonnance? I also noticed that whilst there was lip service paid to the notion of justice and peace, that this too was of the ersatz communitarian kind. Society requires more than a rebrand of the most controlling philosophy ever to blight reality; ‘networks’ and ‘flows’ are threadbare clothes for the collective. The only peace the endgame you are planning to offer is the peace of the grave – by my reckoning over 120 million people are currently at peace due the failure of the last great ‘progressive’ experiment. Of course by progressive I am referencing the hegelian suicide tendencies of your kind as they work to push the ‘centre’ ever further to the left.

    As an aside I am heartened that the counter-Long March intitiated a decade ago is starting to pay dividends. See you at the conference. I’ll be the woman with the short hair, large earrings and greenstone carving (taking notes and keeping my ears open so that I can best subvert the subversives).

    Remember reality IS. Relaity is not a social construct.

    Reality is an objective absolute.

    Boudicca Jones x

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