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Carrots and sticks: What motivates people?

September 14th, 2010

Today I came across this highly engaging, remarkably rendered video. It’s an illustrated animated version of a talk by Dan Pink, about drive, or “what motivates us”.

I urge you to watch this. The talk is set in the context of what motivates and drives adults in the workplace. However I was thinking about how these ideas apply equally to learners in schools. Wouldn’t it be interesting to create a parallel story to this which talks about learners and learning, and the kinds of incentives (extrinsic and intrinsic) that we do or don’t provide for students in our current schooling approaches? How would that story go? I’d love to hear your thoughts…..

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    Fantastic video! Thanks so much for sharing it.

    I’ve seen a few of the RSA Animate videos, but hadn’t been aware that they had animated Daniel Pink. I loved the concepts in ‘A Whole New Mind’ and have been meaning to read ‘Drive’.

    This video is such a great example of visual learning that offers learning professions some great tips to bring into their learning experiences (autonomy, mastery, purpose).

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    One of my favourites – thanks for sharing this for no additional monetary reward! ;o)

  3. Christine Tuckey
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    An absolutely profound video, engaging and how true for all people – big and little. Unfortunately half of the population lose the drive of making a worthwhile contribution. Watch the baby (before one year old). Who’s innate drive is to enquire and who delights in all discovery. Simple but the basics of where ALL great minds and enquirers began—in nappies holding rattles determining their own learning. Sadly it’s the older folk who damp this enthusiasm down. Once dulled it is hard to re-create. Later again it is dulled within many education centre’s i.e. schools and early childhood education centre’s. Enough said. How are teachers of all ages groups (inclusive of parents) able to nurture the great creative minds who come before them. Much comes down to socialization beginning when a babe in arms before even entering a formal learning situation.

  4. Ally
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    Great video. I was wondering about teachers in schools, as well as students while I watched. How well do teachers’ work environments provide for autonomy, mastery and a sense of making a worthwhile contribution?

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