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Video: Guy Claxton—Helping students build “learning power”

November 23rd, 2009

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Earlier this month, Guy Claxton, well-known British educationalist and writer, was visiting Wellington. We took this opportunity to get him to talk to some of the school communities we have been working with in our research project, Families and community engagement in education. Guy talked about why and how education needs to be different and what parents can do to help their children. One of the main messages he gave was that schools need to be helping students build “learning power”. He was clear that this did not mean neglecting standards but rather ensuring that students were taught in ways that also helped them become more independent, resourceful, and resilient learners.

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    Thanks for posting this interview with Guy Claxton – definitely worth a listen:) Our communities will reap benefits if we teach tomorrow’s leaders about systems and how logical thinking processes work – to develop their ‘learning power’. Similarily, today’s recession-weary organisations need to develop their ‘learning power’ with systems thinking. Logical thinking approaches can pinpoint the real, rather than the perceived problems in their organisations, saving resources and building positive innovation and change.

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