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Video: Jane Gilbert on knowledge

November 12th, 2009

[21MB streaming Flash video]

Jane Gilbert, Chief Researcher at NZCER, discusses knowledge and implications for education, as presented on day 1 of The Shifting Thinking conference: 3 November 2009.

Setting: a well-loved chair outside the rehearsal room at Circa theatre, during day two.

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  1. Samara Savandra
    | #1

    I like the way Jane describes the three levels of knowledge/learning required. Im thinking that its not necessary to remove something from the curriculum so we can ‘fit in’ all the new learning that these 3 levels seem to imply. Instead, I’m thinking its the way learning happens which allows learning on these level to occur – perhaps these levels can occur simultaneuosly to some extent. All learners/students are valued for their unique knowledge/experiences in relation to the knowledge subject. If learners participate in ‘storying’- sharing their experiences and ‘who-they-are’ in relation to knowledge, the learning could involve all three levels. Eg 1. learning the original body of knowledge; 2.learning by being involved in an investigative process, the language and methods relevant to the original knowledge; 3. Creating new ideas/knowledge (meaning-making)by learners sharing and adding to their combined ideas and from here exploring further ideas together

  2. admin
    | #2

    Fixed now.


  3. | #3

    Eeps, the video seems to have disappeared Hugh, what’s happened? I’m just seeing a bunch of html code…

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