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Ourspace@Te Papa: Your classroom

October 28th, 2009

This is a special bonus workshop stream for the Shifting Thinking conference, provided by Diana-Grace Morris and the education team at Te Papa.
The workshop will run three times during the conference. The first opportunity will be at the end of the conference sessions on Day 1, prior to the “Intermission” drinks at Mac’s Brewery Bar.
Tuesday 3rd November (Day 1) @ 4.10 p.m – 5 p.m.

The same workshop will be offered twice on Day 2 during the breakout sessions.
Weds 4th November (Day 2) Breakout session 2 (11-11.40) and Breakout session 4 (12.30 – 1.10pm)


Ko töu reo, kotöku reo

Te taukiri tangata.

Tihei uriuri, tihei nakonako.

Your voice and my voice

Are expressions of identity

May our descendants live on and our hopes be filled.

This is your opportunity to turn your thinking upside down as you explore the fluid exhibition space called Our Space. Let’s pretend it’s your classroom!

Our Space is a multimedia interactive exhibition space, which utilises technology, photographic images, and video footage to explore themes of New Zealand’s national identity. Multiple narratives come alive, pathways are revealed, and students are engaged as 21st century learners.

Our Space has two specific learning sites: The Map and The Wall. On The Map, you can trigger your own path of inquiry. At The Wall, you can use wands and touch screens to create visual stories and murals through media compositions.

This workshop will focus on The Wall.Ourspace logo

As preparation you are invited to download images onto the Our Space website and to check out The Wall in real time at www.ourspace.tepapa.com

In the workshop, you will have the opportunity to collectively explore The Wall and hear how Te Papa’s Education team is using this space with students. As educators, the team is striving for multiple connections, deeper learning, and maximum engagement of students. We are constantly asking ourselves: What might using multimedia teaching and learning spaces look like? This workshop will continue to explore that question.

Kia mau te wehi!

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  1. Diana-Grace
    | #1

    Had to give this at least one thumbs up!!!! ;)

    Come on Peeps…keep the thinking rolling…. Ourspace ….making those connections….. at Te Papa we are getting the bicultural content humming……very much looking forward to first work shop next week! :)

  2. diana-grace
    | #2

    We have just had our WaharoaIGateway event this afternoon where 30 teachers explored ourspace and had a pretty wild time. A Secondary school Maths teacher asked me….. which came first ourspace or the NZ curriculum?..who informed who? Interesting…. Good to know there are peeps out there with good ideas talking to each other so learners can have seriously cool stuff to work with. There was a lot of education goodness bubbling over in ourspace today!

  3. | #3

    I really recommend checking this out, particularly if you haven’t visited Ourspace@TePapa already!

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