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Visual Metaphors strand

October 28th, 2009

Facilitator: Sarah Beresford

In this Day 2 strand of the Shifting Thinking Conference we will be exploring the representations and realities of education, as well as conceptualising education in the 21st century, through using, responding to, and actively creating visual metaphors. There are two alternating sessions which repeat twice each.

Session 1: Deconstruct visual metaphors

This session will involve deconstructing visual metaphors to access and interpret multiple layers of meaning.

Session 2: Interactive drawing

This session will involve actively responding to visual metaphors through creating your own visual metaphors, as to facilitate dynamic discussions (no artistic skills required).

Session 3: Deconstruct visual metaphors

Same as session 1.

Session 4: Interactive drawing

Same as session 2.

Conference: November 2009

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    Some NZCER people participated in a test-run of this workshop and it was great! Find out what they talked about in this posting by Sarah

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