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Jane Gilbert on the Shifting Thinking conference

October 16th, 2009

Hear Jane Gilbert explain why this conference is going to be quite different from a traditional academic conference

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    Jane, I think our thinking around making the Shifting Thinking Conference something “different” and more fit for the 21st century is so timely. Check out this interesting and highly relevant article a friend just forwarded to me, titled “The Conference is Dead (Does anyone care)?

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    Thinking about how Web 2.0 tools are enabling connections and networks (both professional and personal) beyond the actual days of the conference. How do these connections and conversations change interactions, thinking, learning during the F2F?

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    Cool Fiona – can you say a bit more about the kinds of things you’re thinking of?

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    Will be interested to see how the new technologies and strategies that are working for learning in the online spaces may translate and add value in a F2F context.

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