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Rachel Bolstad on The Shifting Thinking conference

October 16th, 2009

Rachel Bolstad explains why tools such as blogging, Twitter and learning groups will be integral to the conference.

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  1. fcottam
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    Appraisals and Inquiry Teaching: I am not able to go to the conference (it is directly before senior prizegiving and I need to be at skool for the rehearsals and anyway i have run out of PD funds for this year) so I hope more people will put their thoughts about 21st century learning on this website. I have questions about appraisal for the 21st century. Accountability for compliance with professional standards is one issue, but teaching as inquiry seems to lend itself to a whole new way of seeing appraisal. How can we integrate the compliance issues with getting individual teachers to work with peers on developing their own teaching? I would like to see PLCs working where teachers have the opportunity to work on their own deep objectives, sharing ideas about teaching with others with those others assisting them to inquire about their own learning. Obviously there has to be a high degree of trust so that teachers feel their peers are there to genuinely inquire rather than judge. Ideally, we would free up the HODs so they can carry out their own learning as well as sign off their department members’ Professional Standards. Is anyone else working on this dilemma?

  2. | #2

    Here’s what I was trying to say: To all of you who are coming to the conference (and those who might be following via the blog or Twitter) – we’re asking you to step up to the challenge! Can you commit to doing the following during Acts II and III?
    - Come ready to learn
    - Be prepared to be challenged
    - Let us know what you’re thinking before, during, and after the conference
    - Blog, twitter, write post-it notes, draw pictures, talk to your neighbour, do whatever you can think of to record your thoughts and ideas.
    - Feel free to ask hard questions (but don’t expect us to have all the answers)
    - Be prepared to think collaboratively – with us, with other conference participants, with guest speakers
    - Bring your own points of view, but listen carefully for new/other ways of thinking

    We’ve tried to design this conference so that at least some of its outcomes will be “emergent” – and these depend a lot on you and what you can contribute – as individuals, and as a collective.

    So – are you ready?

  3. | #3

    Ha! I thought I was supposed to see this before it went up on the site…. Oh well, my first ever YouTube appearance… What do you think?
    (PS. In this clip I meant to say there’s someone up front who is SPEAKING – I got my mords wixed :) )

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