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3 weeks til conf – an update for you

October 13th, 2009

Just 3 weeks to go til the Shifting Thinking conference, and registrations are continuing to roll in. We think it’s time to give you an update on things you can start to do – and things you can start to think about – in the leadup to November 3rd.

1. Get registered for the conference! (If you haven’t already)

If you’ve been thinking about coming to the conference but haven’t actually registered yet, why wait?  Simply click here to be taken to NZCER’s registration page. Spaces are filling steadily, and we’d hate for you to miss out.

2. Join the shiftingthinking community (If you haven’t already)

Part of the goal of the Shifting Thinking conference is to start building a community of people who want to think together about the shift to 21st century ways of thinking about learning and education. One way to signal your interest in thinking together with us is to register as a member of the Shifting Thinking online community, where you can add bio details and photos of yourself which are only visible to other registered Shifting Thinking users. You can get involved by commenting on blogpostings, and we will continue to look at ways our registered users can contribute to Shifting Thinking further.

3. Get familiar with the conference programme & castlist

If you haven’t already found it, the most up-to-date version of the conference programme is available here. (Please note that ongoing small changes to the programme are occuring as scriptwriting for the conference continues – so keep checking this page for new details!). You can also find out more about our “cast” – the speakers and facilitators who will be gracing the stage of Circa Theatre on Day 1 (Act II) and facilitating breakout sessions across Circa, Te Papa, and Mac’s Brewery on Day 2 (Act III).

4. Contribute to Act I (it’s happening right now!)

We’d love you to explore and comment on the many pages and blogpostings already up on this website – the more ideas we have from you, the more we can integrate them into our planning for the two days of the conference.  Jennifer Garvey-Berger has already put out a call for contributions to her dastardly dilemmas list. These dilemmas, challenges, and tensions for 21st century learning will form the backbone of our work together as a learning community on Day 2 (Act III) – so start thinking and posting your comments today.

You’ll also find some suggestions for parts of the site you might like to explore in relation to some of the breakout strands on Day 2 (Act III) here.

5. Set yourself up on twitter

If you’re already a twitter user, we hope you are following us (@shiftingthinkng – note the missing “i” in the word *thinking*). We hope to have people twittering their thoughts and ideas during the conference, and we will have a live twitter feed so you can see what others are saying. We’ve got a wee issue with Internet access on Day 1 at Circa Theatre, so ideally we would like all twitterers to set themselves up to be able to twitter directly from their cellphones via text messaging. Check out this blogposting by Hugh, our Twitter helpdesk go-to-man. If this all sounds completely confusing to you, don’t worry because Hugh and his team of helpers will be available at registration and during morning tea and lunch breaks to help you get set up to twitter by text. However,  if you know your way around Twitter, you can save time by setting yourself up to be Twitter-text-ready ahead of time. (Hint: Twitter has lots of helpful videos which can teach you what you need to do).

6. BYO laptop, especially if you think you’ll want to liveblog!

If you would like to bring your own laptop, we’ll have a couple of places where you can connect wirelessly to blog, twitter, or surf the Internet during Day 2 (Act III). As mentioned above, Internet connectivity at Circa theatre on Day 1 may be more limited, so please don’t be disappointed if you can’t get online that day. We’re trying our best, but we might have to come up with a suitably 20th-century solution (perhaps a wall of post-it notes where you can paper-blog your thoughts?). If you’ve got your own sneaky way of getting online (for example, if you have a Telecom T-Stick, a Vodafone vodem, or anything similar, you might like to bring it with you to guarantee Day 1 Internet satisfaction:)

7. Still got questions? Get in touch with us

We’re always happy to help you with any questions you might still have about the conference. You can post your questions comments on the blog, or email us at shiftingthinking@nzcer.org.nz

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    Note: in reference to Points 5. and 6. above, there is still a chance we’ll pull off a decent wifi connection in Circa Theatre. (No promises, but are you crossing all your fingers and toes? I know I am!)

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