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Shifting Thinking conference: Tell me more!

September 8th, 2009

Who is the conference for?

Many will be teachers and school leaders, but also people in the business, arts, creative and community sectors, researchers, and policy makers.  The conference will find a motivating balance between examining where current educational thinking comes from and tapping into inspirational alternatives already happening or being dreamed of.  The conference will move between the past, present, and future, and between the voices of invited speakers and participants.

What will happen on Day One?

On Day One conference participants will listen to four key note speakers and be guided through a series of discussions based on the ideas presented by each speaker, including Michael Young, Jane Gilbert, Cathy Wylie, and Keith Johnston.  The day will support participants to surface some of the assumptions that guided education over the previous century to consider which of these assumptions could still have a place in today’s times, and which are no longer relevant or useful in the 21st century.

What will happen on Day Two?

On Day Two conference participants will embark on a learning journey through a range of activities to pursue an individual and collective inquiry.  Learning coaches will support small groups of participants to clarify their intentions and plans to navigate the day and present back a synthesis of new thinking towards the end of the day.  There will be a range of concurrent activities to take part in, all of which provide an access point into themes that could begin to take centre stage in education over the next decade.  The day will model aspects of what we think schooling could look like.

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